The Girl Behind the Scene


Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

Hi.. uhm.. sorry for not posting out my real identity earlier. Hehehe.. just wanna see whether I’m a good ghostwriter or not. Beside.. its fun to see the reactions of others who clicked my pages and read my writings without knowing who I really am. I really appreciate all the comments and emails that were sent to me, thanks a lot! 🙂 OK.. as I was urge by someone to hold out my card, so I think its time for me to disclose myself.

Uhm.. my nickname is Evy or in campus I am generally known as Sofie. For those who know my full name, just keep it a secret OK 🙂 Yup, I am just a simple student and currently studying at Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia majoring in Management. At first, I created this blog only for the purpose of letting know my family and friends to what I’m currently up to (as I’m often far away from home.. 😛 ). I love to write and this blog really provide me with ethusiasm to write anything which I interested to in my own unique style. Its really fun to burst out and share your deep down thinking towards the world and let the world realized it. Thats why then I started to write and post the general ones, but still in style of my point of opinion-lah. So if you decided to click further on through this blog, you will surely find yourself drowning in the thoughts of someone called Evy. Sorry for that, but as I said earlier.. this is just a cyberdiary of mine. 

Uhm.. I was born on 29th of June (19th of Ramadhan if in Islamic calendar) in a place called Nasr City, Cairo. Love my family and friends, and what I’m interested to very much (yeah, you can see it through my writings.. hehehe 🙂 ). In the earlier days, I thought I wanna be an archaeologist or a researcher, but as time goes by.. I started to realize that my deep down ambition is to be like what my Mom is. Hey! I’m not experiencing any of that “..complex” stuff, OK! It is just because I really respect my mother. To me.. she is a good educator, a good housewife, as well as a great mother; and I really like to be like her one day. Taught us with patient.. perfect in doing house chores.. and showered us with lots of love as a loving mother couldl be. And Voila!! I love her cooking very much! There’s no place like home to me. She really made our home a piece of heaven on earth. Thats why I really wanna be like her one day 🙂 

Uhm.. what else? I think thats enough as a first glance of me. A weird creature, huh?! But that is me 🙂 And this blog really reflects whatever thinking I thought about this world. If you wanna know more, or have a question to ask for, just send to my email at:

As I say, I’m just a simple student who is still studying.. so please don’t ask hard questions, ok 😛 You know-lah, my brain only could afford a simple equation (hey.. I’m not a computer, ok hahahaha!!)

OK as my previous greetings, “Welcome To My Pages” (^_^)


2 responses to “The Girl Behind the Scene

  1. reatheryan

    September 27, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    cantik juga nie si mbak 😛

  2. virouz007

    Mei 16, 2010 at 3:56 am

    Salam silaturahiim… Ini adalah kunjungan balik.! Terima kasih sudah pasang link saya disini… Untuk linknya Ukhti sudah saya pasang juga di bloggroll….!


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