Me and My PCE Examination

My first most influenced experience was when I was still in primary school. I was a very curious girl and loved to see and read my elder sister’s books. The first reason was very simple; all her books were neatly written and full of colourful pictures especially Geography and Integrated Science. She likes to write important formulas with coloured pencils. That was where I started to love reading her books. But then I started to realize that those colourful writings and diagrams that she drew mean certain things. They started to make me even more curious to read and learn their descriptions until the last page. Wow, I really fascinated with my discovery of them. They made me feel that all knowledge were in a way colourful. I mean that there were so many reasons behind certain things, although they seem so simple and sometime stupid for us. Then I started to tell my friends about them, a kind of boasting actually, as I knew something a step ahead from them, hehehe. It was fun to see that they were getting interested and we discussed about them everyday. In some way, they help me to comprehend more and indirectly increased my tests’ scores. I loved to discuss them with my parents too when they got spare time. At last I was in Primary 5 (Grade 5). It was nearly the end of the final term and Primary 6 students were preparing for their PCE Examination. I remembered that it was quite a month before their big examination when my father suggested me to the headmaster to try me as an experiment candidate from Primary 5 to take the PCE Examination. Yes, I was the first experiment student ever suggested to the Department and actually my father and Mr. Chang just wanted to know whether I could go through it or not. There was no burden for me if I failed but still they really trusted that I could do better for just being past. Although they agreed with it, but it was quite a shock for me. Actually I hate being force to study. I just feel that study is something that we really do interested and enjoy with our heart. With such attention, any subjects, how difficult they are can be absorbed easily. So you can see that in a month I had to catch up everything the ‘big guys’ have learn. There were five subjects that were going to be tested. From 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. I was studying in my former class, but from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. I had to go to study with the Primary 6. In the afternoon I had to go to religious school, so I just had a time to study all the materials in the evening. It was really hard works and there were many days when I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore. Once I cried myself out and ran to hide under my bed just because I was so bored and couldn’t watch my favourite cartoons, ha-ha! But then there were my parents and siblings who helped me and always there to give me strength and spirit to carry on. I also got them from my friends and teachers too. They trusted and told me that everything could be done if we have a will to do them. On the day of the trial test, I had no problems with the four subjects; English Language, Malay Language, Science, and General Paper. Instead I got A’s for them, but I failed the Maths. I knew that I couldn’t catch up all the topics discussed in Maths for a year in just a month. But still they trusted me that I could do it and told me again, “Where There Is a Will, There Is A Way”. In a week I tried to catch up everything again. Then came the day when they announced the result. I was so surprised to hear that I got the second highest score at school with four A’s, and one B for the Mathematics. I was very happy because what I sowed for a month with great efforts, could give me such wonderful reaps. And then I realized that all was started from the colourful books of my sister, my curiosity, and with the help of a motto “Where There Is a Will, There Is A Way”. That was my first most influenced experience from where I learnt that every things were actually a kind of brilliant drawings,… where every single line is made up of a rare but beautiful precious colour that only can be gain through our willpower.


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