Truly Evy

Ha..Ha.. you know who I am, so I may not state it anymore. But for them who are so curious about me .. Ok, I may spare my time to share a bit about myself to you. I’m a student and am still growing up.. huahaha! (no doubt about it-lah.. she is still searching about her identity). A history and archaeological sites mania (Hehe.. related to where she was put first on this planet Earth-Egypt), but sadly it is not the major she is currently taking. Still studying somewhere over the valley (so far from home..hiks!). Wanna be a researcher one day (I hope so.. but actually I really wish to have my own kindergarten or playgroup.. ha..ha!). Very much in love with everything in ‘white’ (you can take it in terms of behavior too), the nature itself (I’m so amazed with everything around me.. so big.. that it makes me feel that God is really Great! Thank you so much..). What else… Hmm… I’m just me… No others… Haha! OK guys… I think that’s all. Have a nice stroll around! And……………………..

WELCOME TO MY PAGES (^_^)    Chiao!!!


3 responses to “Truly Evy

  1. eni

    Mei 19, 2008 at 10:24 am

    how can u hide your profile? I really need yr complete name n profession to cite in my assingnment because I take some of yr sentences in “bangga jadi orang ..”if I do not cite it , I am a plagiator…thx

  2. Chandra Manengkey

    Agustus 19, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    sory baru bales comment km yang udah lama banget :’)
    btw, nama gw chandra dan kayak’e aq juga ga kenal ma kamu…
    so…met kenal ya…
    aq masih kuliah di surabaya..
    km masih kul pa udah kerja?

  3. litays

    November 28, 2008 at 7:28 am

    hai…mb copi..mb copi…mb copi…kangen juga,pengen jjs bareng…gmn tesisnya???aq koq mumet bgt yak T_T


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