Welcome to IVED!

19 Jan

goodluck-symbol2I’m so happy to hear that my lil’bro has safely arrive here. I know he must be exhausted after the long journey from his university to this town. Well, Mamad.. I hope you are in a good state of health as I’m very worried about what Mom has said to me yesterday. Hehehe.. I’m very proud as he is one of those debaters who will compete in the IVED (Indonesian Varsity English Debate) Contest 2009. For those who don’t know what kind of competition is this IVED, you can see them in

Well, I just can hope and sure that you will present the very best. But don’t get too tense with everything and make this stress you out, OK. You have nothing to loose 🙂

I know you must be preparing yourself with the others right now. Well, we are now fighting to give the very best of us (me too.. I’m waiting for my big final ‘exam’..phew, feel like I’m holding ‘a time-bomb’ on my lap…huhuhu 🙂 ) Oh, papa and mom.. please pray for me too.. I’m feeling nervous everytime I revise my thesis… 😦

OK, Mamad…I wish the best of Luck for your team. Remember, just stay calm ok.


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