Founding the lost ones…

05 Nov

a-surprise-girlThese several months are quite a happy time to me as there were many accidentally meetings with my long lost friends or founding them (my former pals and classmates abroad) in the cyberworld. Seeing them really made me a kind of wondering that.. hmm.. seems that I’m the only one who never have a vast changes on me, whether physicly or in form of behaviour. Hehe.. weird, huh!! 😛

Recently I just found a few of them accidentally through browsing literatures and blog walking. At first, I just wanna search some context which related to my current research. But you see, we will never thought what will happen next.. and there they go… I FOUND THEM!! HAHAHA!!! 😀

As a child, I often met or play with them whether in campus or at the embassy (most of our parents were academician like lecturers, scholars, or diplomats). So you can imagine that how happy I’m to meet them again even just through this cyber world. Hope that one day we can meet in the reality again… 🙂

OK, success with all your undertaking, guys!!! GANBATTE NE!! 😀

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