Congrats Lil’ Bro..

27 Okt

Heyho Mamad, how are you? Sorry for scolding you the other day.. Hehe.. you know that I didn’t mean it.. But you see, you always had your bad jokes on, and we feel so worried after what you said on the phone. Dasar! Jangan suka becanda donk! Kirain collapse beneran…

By the way, I just wanna say congratulation to my dearest lil’ bro Mamad and his team for getting the third place for the English Debate contest held by the American Embassy. How’s your day in Jakarta? Hope that your participation on the ASEAN International Relation Student’s Conference in Jakarta is not making you collapse after all those debate things yesterday… Gee, we are so worried you know…

OK, keep in touch and please take care of yourself. Again, congrats lil’ bro!!!!!! (^_^)

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