What Does Evy’s Birth Date Mean?

09 Sep

Just checking out my Facebook when I noticed that a friend of mine has just added an application (as I was curious and.. gee, it sounds interesting, so why don’t I just give it a try too?! 😛 )

I put my date of birth, and… Jreng.. here they go…..

“Creativity and innovativeness are your most cherished attributes…using which you can change the world around you. Doing the regular stuff is not easy for you because most unnatural things come naturally to u. Nothing can bind you- for you have dreams and the vision to make them a reality”.  (Adapted from evy’s Facebook)

O really?? Great!! (for some of them of course.. but what is the meaning of the ones in line 2 and 3? Hey, can you state it a bit clear? Payah…

Then my friend told me, “why don’t you just try the quizilla? It’s more fun! OK, so I take a click on them about the birth date, and… 

Your Birth Number: 8 — THE BIG SHOT, 8’s are the problem solvers. They are professional, blunt and to the point, have good judgment and decisive. 8’s have grandiose plans and like to live the good life. They are take charge people and often view people objectively. They let you know in no uncertain terms that they are the boss. Lesson to learn: try to learn to base their decisions on their own needs rather than on what others want”.  (Adapted from

WOW!! Am I that ‘professional’? Hihihi, sounds weird but.. its OK (Phew.. they stated that I’m a bossy one too! Really? Maybe.. but not for the whole time-lah 😛

Hey sis, what do you think? Am I really that kind of stuff?? Huahahaha…. 😛

By the way, I just have a look at my favourite site. As I love everything about the universe (I was searching about the moon actually when I accidentally bumped on the things related to ‘the birth date case’, hihihi), so I open up the NASA Homepage. The StarChild web site is really gorgeous. Just take a look at

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