Stepping Out From the Clouds

06 Sep

Actually this is just a story of a memory. A memory of a ‘long journey’ if seen from a little girl point of view. Many years ago, I used to go and have trips or vacations to various interesting places with my parents and siblings. Mostly we did them on holiday seasons. But now I use to do it alone, of course because I am a grown up now, and sometimes… if I may say… travelling alone is a lot of fun. But still, having a partner to share with is more enjoyable nowadays… hehehe, especially if we got so many luggages to carry on or maybe… to protect us against uninvited visitors (all I can do about it is to throw pebbles or heavy ‘things’ towards them, hahahaha :)) ) Hey sis! Wanna go on a trip with me? Got a few list of them on my mind right now…


I’ve got so many experiences about ‘going somewhere’, but one of my most influenced experience which have made me a tough woman like I am right now was an experience I was through when I was still in primary school. For the information, I was in Primary 2 and my sister was in Primary 4, and our parents were educators. My father worked as a lecturer in the University of Malaya, Malaysia at that time. Once, we moved to a new neighbourhood, from Kuala Lumpur to Cheras, Selangor; when there were just four months left before the final examination. The problem was that our former school was very far away from our new home in Selangor, and the permission to move to a new school could only be obtained on the next month. So, my sister and I had to go to and fro Kuala Lumpur – Selangor for a month. My parents were very busy at that time, but still they could spare their ‘little’ time for us. But then my father couldn’t drive us to our school as he got something to do where the place was an opposite way from our destination. So, my sister and I had to go by bus from Selangor to Kuala Lumpur. At that time public buses generally look a bit scary for us the primary students especially when there were no adults with us. We had to buy tickets and queue up with the teens and adults by our own. At first, my mother didn’t agree about it, but then I didn’t know what happened next when they both agreed to let us go by our own to Kuala Lumpur (now I really admire their decision). We had to depart from home before 6.00 a.m. to arrive at school at 7.30 a.m. I remembered that I had to promise to my mother that I must be with my sister wherever we go and must obey every instruction she gave. Once I wonder why I had to promise such thing to her. But then I quickly forget about it just because I thought it must be fun to go to school by those big shuttle public buses as I never had an experience of it before. Instead, we used to go with our school bus or driven by my father. So we went to school by those big public buses for about a month. My parents really trusted us especially my sister. She clasped tight my hand, sometimes tied it with handkerchief with hers so that I would not get out of her sight. I never had a glimps of any scary things that may occur when we are travelling alone without adults (a mind of a girl who was too positive thinking towards the world). I just thought that it was fantastic to see new scenes, many kinds of people (hehe.. a bit fascinated in seeing the ‘big people’ with their busy-like manner going to their destinations) and vehicles which seem so big to me. A kind of proud that our parents really trusted us. I felt like ‘a big-big girl trusted in a big-big world’. I never thought about being scared as I knew that my sister would always by my side as long as I obeyed her.

That was my most terrific experience (yeah.. if seen from a little girl point of view-lah) as I faced everything alone only with my sister to be trusted, and I never thought that I was just a little student of Primary 2. Once or twice we were asked by police officers or any passengers but my sister did always have logic statements to answer with (hehe, she was a prefect at that moment – is there any relation to that??).

At last we could move to our new school. After a couple of months, my parents were called to abroad. Now the problem was that my parents had to go as soon as possible (as they were urgently needed for the upcoming semester), but we still got a month left before the final examination. So my sister and I were left in Malaysia for a month under the care of our parents’ friend. We learnt to do everything by our own, and of course I remembered that I brought my schedule everywhere. For me, it was a very precious experience where for the first time I was handed with a big responsibility to take care of myself. After the final examination, both of us departed to where our parents were without them accompanying us (they really couldn’t get the permission out from the department). Hehehe :)) , I was quite enjoying myself while my sister was handed with responsibility to organize boxes of my father’s books (gee, I really admired her at that time though she never knew about it 🙂 , and a bit bossy too 😛 … instructing this and that to the airline officers who were in charge of us). It was midnight when we met at the airport and my parents were very happy to see us safe and sound. Gee, if I flashback… actually it was not at all terrific as it seem (yeah I know… as a grown up, I used to do it thousands of time already). But what I thought so precious about it is just the thought… her little mind’s view who for the first time was given the permission to set her foot out to the world, which made me want to preserve it (I know I will never experience it anymore…. Gosh, why I am so sentimental nowadays?!! Silly me 😛

But still… like the old man said, experience is the best teacher to make us understand. That really happened to me.                                                              

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