08 Jul

Hi Annette!! Whoaa..never thought that I could meet you again after all these years.. I just wanna check an article last night when I decided to update my facebook. Quite a time already… when I suddenly recollect the memories of my ol’ classmates’ names in Malaysia. I accidentally found her (hey, you look really different – more beautiful and mature of course 🙂 , but still I could recognize you, hehehe! She’s the first in the class, that’s why I still remember her. I’m still searching for Theeba Malar, Rita and Lee Leng Hwe. Don’t have any idea of where they are right now…) Although the discovering was just through the cyber media… but.. Gosh!! I am so happy!!!

Hey! It’s been 18 years already!! Gee.. thanks for saying that I have got a good memory. 

But it is not so true at all. I’m a bit hazy in some other things, hehehe 😛

Sometime the long lost memories come by its own way, and we never can predict when and how to 

possess them. Sometime I recollect some old memories after dreaming of something. Quite weird, huh… hahahaha!!

I was only in that school for two years, but what can I say for the reason on why do I still can remember them was because I had a gorgeous time there with so many friends from various cultures. I still remember the time.. that I was very sad to know that we were going to leave the school and going somewhere abroad as my father was a lecturer. Hey, still remember that our school really looked ‘wicked’ (so scary that it look like an ancient fortress or a-long-forgotten hospital) with those big tower in the middle. I always get scared with those big rusty gates while had to wait for my father or the school bus to pick me up. Don’t know whether those buildings are still exist now, hehehe 😛

Yeah, that’s the story of my long lost friend, Annette. I hope I could gather the others too. Cheers (^_^)


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