29 Jun


Hahaha :D… I couldn’t really describe what actually happened today as since the midnight I have been disturbed by several people who were already start wishing me.. hmm.. a congrats on getting a year older in the age, :P. Yup, today is my birthday and through this column I just wanna say thank you very much for those who already sent whether messages, ‘things’ (haha!), even calls since the twilight. Thanks guys, .. although the effect of those have made me rather sleepy through the day. Haha, sorry for that but last night, I’ve been tagged by my buddies to take a stroll out.. yeah, we can say a kind of hanging around (gosh!! I seldom do such a thing!), and they take me (guess what?! To the MALL –auw come on, guys! You all rather take me to the bookstore or the ice cream stand rather than taking me watching people shopping around –there was a bazaar as well as great sales last night, hahaha! Holiday is in the air 😛 ).

I’m not saying that I hate shopping centers or the activity itself (hey, I’m a woman! – is it make sense..??), but actually I was not in the mood (sooo sleepy as maybe I could be a ‘sleeping beauty’ if they didn’t tag me out of my ‘lovely room’ – hehe, similar to a shipwreck actually with debris all around, even ‘Freya’ (my dearest notty) was on the tumble down mode– hey, can we make a story out of it? ‘A Sleeping Beauty on a Shipwreck’ hahaha! What a nerd! That’s the effect on having too much reading on the head, khe.. khe.. khe.. :P).

Quite a shock to hear from my lil’ bro, Mamad so early in the morning. But surely, I was very happy to hear those ‘happy birthday’ wishes from you, though you are sick. Hey, take care of your health condition, ok! Heiho, siblings! Thanks too. To Papa and Mom, .. hmm I don’t know what to say, but.. if it was not because of the love of both you, maybe I would not be standing here till this day. Dearest Mommy, thank you soooo much! (Hehe.. I love to wait for her calls every Sunday morning :P). By the way Mom, kok evy pingin bakso ya! Habis jealous sih dengerin di rumah bikin bakso kemarin. Khe.. khe.. khe.. jadi ngiler.. (don’t ever imagine it :P)

OK, for overall, today is awesome. Thanks for everything, guys! LOVE IS IN THE AIR!!! Arigato Gozaimasu 🙂 (Ini orang udah mulai ga nyambung.. :P). It’s time to put the head on the pillow (phew… at last..) Bye!

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