25 Jun

Phew… I’m wondering why I feel so sleepy today, although I’ve already manage my sleeping schedule this week. Yeah, the doctor said that, if I want to be fit enough to do everything (as I’m in the midst of my mid term examination), then I have to give myself a time for rest. Still I’m very sleepy… but then I know why.. HAHAHA!!! Through all these years, nearly every time I got big exams, I nearly always got on the same track. Those who are close to me will understand this. Mom! Sorry, for this but I feel really weak at the moment.. and sleepy too… (yawn).. sorry Mom…

I’ve just finished my Econometrics test a couple of hours ago. Hmm… I like Statistics but not really for Econometrics. Maybe it’s because my eyes getting blur, as I have to force myself to see all those beta, dummy, ‘worms’… Ugh!! (Ouw.. come on, do I have to check my eyes again??!). If we love something, then every thing that related to it will become easier for us. That was what I try to do concerning my study on Econometrics. Hahahaha!! Try to LOVE it (Yucks :P)

The result was, hmmm…. I’ve tried my best to answer all the four questions, and I felt really fun in ‘drilling-down’ all those formulas (of course its fun when you didn’t have to remember all the formulas, when your exam is an ‘open book’ one…khe khe khe 😛 ). Alhamdulillah, all was well.. I just hope that I can do the final assignment.. coz it sounds… sooooooooooooo difficult!! Huwaaaaa!!! (T_T)

By the way, Papa and Mom.. thanks for the calls and sms last night. Your support and spirit are really such a blessing to me, (though I’m still sleepy – ga nyambung.. :P) . To DJ.. thanks a million, kak 🙂 Hey kirimin lagi sms yang lucu lagi donk! Biar ga ngantuk.. khe khe khe… OK, to my dudes… met tidur aja…. zzZZZZ nyam nyam nyam 😛

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