20 Jun

As I have predicted earlier, these three months ahead are gonna be ‘a heavy-weight’ months for me. Sounds queer, right?! But it’s really true (yeah, just a special case of evy), and I’ve been experiencing the same problems for two decades already. But this year it’ll gonna be doubled as I’m going to run my research concerning the writing of my thesis on these months (Ouw, hiks hiks T_T ). Yup, for me, June-July-August are months that give such a big impact to me especially on my condition of health as of because of the dry season and the problems related to it. First, as I’m allergic to many things such as pollen grains, dirts, cold.. etc, this season really make me a kind of like-a-ninja (Hahahahaha :P). Not really in the shape as it means, but I have to double things that I wore when I have to go outside (although it is sometimes hot and humid, phew…), and got to bring a spare of handkerchief whether in my pockets or bags. Ouw, it really makes me feel like a kind of a ‘huge’ robot going to and fro the campus. Of course I seldom go to campus without wearing jacket, but these several weeks lately were the worst ones. I mean, I have to put aside of looking fashionable (Hey! Have I ever being fashionable before – I THINK NOPE…!!), just to being secure and tug within the warmth of my big jacket, hehehe… 😛 .

I started this month of June with a gumache (hahah.. a silly new-born tooth is trying to emerge to the surface – why did this tooth really take such a long time? Hey tooth, its been a year already, you know!! And still I have to wait for the two other brothers of yours, too. Ugh!!). And I got a run-out of my inhaler which in consequence made me a kind of ‘ninja’ with a big handkerchief on my face, just to breath out (khe khe khe, really just like the older days.. :P). Got to eat porridge for nearly two weeks because of the new-born tooth and a sore throat (at last, today I’m permitted by the doctor to eat as usual. Thank God 🙂 ). And running literatures study for my proposal with a headache.. hahahaha! Just like my mother said a couple of days ago, “Be patient, evy…. Those are just a little test for you” – Yeah, I have to put a really great effort just to evercome all those pains and put a nice smile on my face. Sorry guys, if I look a bit stern these few days.. 🙂 These are all the reasons for that.

OK, I’ve got a couple of months to go more, so I just wish that I still can give my very best smile to everyone, no matter what pain I will experience in the future. Hope that all is well with my proposal too (Cheers (^_^)

To all of my classmates who are going to have a mid term exam next week, wish you all the best, guys!!! DO YOUR BEST, IN YOUR TEST!! Cheers 🙂


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