18 Jun

I just came into the class when my classmates called by, telling me that the result for our Human Resource Management class has been established on the noticeboard. Whoaa.. my own score was really an exceed expectation as my prediction for that was a grade below it. Never thought that I would get such a score as there were no exams for it, we just had to submit three big papers, one for the mid-term, and the two others were for the final assignments. Although we were given months for doing these, but for the case of the final assignments, I really had the idea on the very morning of the day on where I had to pass them up. Was that really weird? Hahaha… Actually I have the ideas all around, but to make it down in words was really such a work. I mean.. I always need to search a keyword to begin with.. so it really cost me such a time for that (Hahaha!!)

So what can I say for now is that, ‘alhamdulillah, thank God’… although I never know in what perspective did Dr. J see my article on. I just like to write articles or papers in a free-like manner. By the way, all is great concerning last semester. Yup! I’ve done my best, and I never want to regret any efforts that I’ve already done.

OK, for my classmates… Keep fighting for the best, guys!!! 🙂 

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