11 Jun

On this happy day of yours, I just wanna say “HAPPY BILATED BIRTHDAY” to my long-lost pen pal, Penny Clifford. Thanks for all the shares and friendship these years.. I really hope that one day we can meet each other… (^_^)

Why I never forget about this one pen pal? It is because we share many things in common, suffered the same illness.. and exchange infos and experiences with each other. I’ve been exchange mails with her since twelve years ago when we’re still in primary school. Most of her time was spend in hospital as she got a severe bronchitis as well as asthma, that was why she went to school only three days in a week and never had a P.E. class. I was not as severe as her at those days as I still could go to school without having to bring the ventilator (oxygen) as her although I was resricted to do heavy physical exercises, and she often told me about her days in hospital. She loves her cats very much (I really wanted to warn her about this as we’re often allergic to these kinds of creatures..). She even send me presents, a hand-made bracellet and lots of stickers (we love those, hahaha…). But then I lost contact with her. I don’t know where she is now, don’t know what had happened to her since her last condition in hospital. I just hope that she is still there in England. Hey, Penny.. we’re big guys already..hahaha 🙂 I’m going to get my second step soon.. Hope it is the same with you too. As you said, things around us were indeed beautiful. Thank you for stating that.. 🙂 

I told her that her birthday was the very date on where the solar eclipse (I mean the shadow of course..) was straight falling upon the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia. As I’m not in Indonesia at that moment (we’re still teenagers), I just could wish that I could have a photograph of Borobudur Temple for her (sorry Penny.. I never can fulfill it..) We’re the same age, only a two-week range with mine. Hi Penny, I just wish you can hear me calling from here.. (I think it’s impossible – the author is actually the one who is weird, hahaha :P)

OK, to my dearest pen pal.. Penny, hope that today will bring you all the happiness in the world. Hope one day we can meet each other. Keep fighting Penny (^_^).

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