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Yeah, money laundry is a topic that is still hotly discussed nowadays, and for those who is still doesn’t know what actually a money laundry activity is.. yep, they can still refer to what is stated in Wikipedia. According to this site, money laundering is the practice of engaging in financial transactions in order to conceal the identity, source, and/or destination of money, and is a main operation of the underground economy.

In the past, the term “money laundering” was applied only to financial transactions related to organized crime. Today its definition is often expanded by government regulators (such as the United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) to encompass any financial transaction which generates an asset or a value as the result of an illegal act, which may involve actions such as tax evasion or false accounting. As a result, the illegal activity of money laundering is now recognized as potentially practiced by individuals, small and large businesses, corrupt officials, members of organized crime (such as drug dealers or the Mafia) or of cults, and even corrupt states, through a complex network of shell companies and trusts based in offshore tax havens.

The increasing complexity of financial crime, the increasing recognized value of so-called “financial intelligence” (FININT) in combating transnational crime and terrorism, and the speculated impact of capital extracted from the legitimate economy has led to an increased prominence of money laundering in political, economic, and legal debate (

OK, if you want to know more, just click on that site or others which also can contribute a similar information on that topic. What actually I want to say is that, I am so annoyed on founding that I just received an email several days ago which was so sweetly written (asking about whether I want to be her friend or not) but then it turned out to be such a scam. Ugh! If that email is really the same as what I’m thinking now (a money laundering scam) then.. I really feel want to knock this person down. How dare of him/her! By the way, I have just accidentally found a website which describe a whole list of money laundering frauds, mostly from the African (sorry I’m not pointing out, but I also found her dad’s name too – that’s why I’m so eager to know more…). By reading on what is explained there, now I know that most of their ways on attracting victims are by describing that they are a kind of refugees or is having a dying relative or something, etc. You guys can see a whole lot of them with their treats and tricks at this site:

I’m not pointing out to certain people (sorry but that is the real address); but I just hope by revealing this site address, then I can help in warning many people about this naughty frauds.

NB: OK, to the admin of the website, thanks a lot for the information (^_^)   


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