15 Apr

I just opened the SPAM a few minutes ago, and was so surprise to see that there were several comments also went there. I’m very sorry as I never had my mind to open the SPAM as what I knew about it was,.. it was a kind of dustbin for the ‘untracked mails’.

By the way, thanks for the comments, guys..sir..madame. This blog is actually designed for my parents to know how and what their daughter is up to. Then I decided to create it as a consumption for my relatives and friends to know more about me. I never know that there will be someones out there who are also keeping up dates about me. Thanks for the motivations, sir and madame. I just feel sorry that your comments were sent to the SPAM (I’m really sorry.. and I don’t know how to take them back to their rightful place. But surely, I have read all the comments there). Thanks also for those questions about the financial questions concerning credits / credit cards. Hmm.. what can I say for that is.. I’m not the appropriate person to solve the question although my major is Finance. Those are related to credit cards policy, and it is much better for you to ask the right decision straight to the right person which in this case are the bank officers or the customer service on where your credit cards are established. But for overall, thanks for the questions again. They also contribute to my understanding about the financial problems in reality (and of course I’m so happy that they all related to what I’m studying at the moment 🙂 ). For me, knowledge and wisdom can come from anywhere, not only from textbooks.

For the ones who send compliments, I just can say thank you. (Hey, you can send critics too, I really deserve them 😛 ). Actually I’m not that ‘good’ and I’m not the one who likes pretending. I just want to be my own self and expressed what I interested in and think of at a time. I just want to describe that I’m a human being,.. an ordinary girl too, hehe (masalahnya kadang ngerasa kayak jadi ‘hantu’ 😛 )

OK guys, thanks for everything! Chayo terus ya (^_^)


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