15 Apr

This congrats I dedicated to my partner in OM and discussions. Should I stated your name here? Of course-lah (dia pasti baca kok, hehe P ). To Ayok, congrats for being accepted as one of the new ’Pegawai Bank Indonesia’. As a friend, I’m really proud of you.. Galuh too, right..!! I’m really thankful to know and have good friends as both of you (^_^)

What I can state is that, you are such a good friend and partner. Gee, guys! He really got a brain! Thanks too for all the discussions and advices you have given to me. He’s very active in the class, but although he knows more than me but he never denied if I ask him to assist me with my comprehension in everything. You are really such a good friend, Ayok. He accepted me as what I am. Thanks ) There will be so many great ideas bubbles up if chatting with him. Hey, lets do some interesting researches. Who knows we can get some interesting ideas out of them, hehe! (haha, padahal PR ‘aki’ aja belum selesai P )   

I just want to say, this is your first step in setting and winning your goals and aim. Don’t forget to be thankful and I’m sure that you will gonna be a good and someday can win the position of a respectful leader. I’m sure of that, buddy.   

Oke, to Ayok and Galuh.. GANBATTE NE!!!

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