04 Apr

Haha.. I don’t know what really happen to my head now as I feel so hazy with my memory lately. I forgot things and this not happened once or twice but it happened several times already (oh dear, what’s the matter actually?). Sometimes I even forgot the keypoints of what I was talking and wanna talk at a time. Gee, this make the problem really look serious for me. Some said that it must be the effect of not being able to sleep normal. Maybe yes.. haha! Got to catch up with everything and study really hard in just to understand the tomorrow’s topic or article. Sometime, I feel that I really envied a friend of mine whom I heard got an insomnia (and he has finished all his assignments for this semester already. Wow, great!) But then I think, I have to be thankful of what that have been given to me. So, maybe this ‘forgetting-things’ is just a matter of the abnormal activities I’ve experienced. I think the best solution at this moment is to get myself back to my normal sleeping hours (hey! how many hours do I need to sleep actually? – padahal aslinya gue tuh kayak ‘Hamtaro’… capek dikit pasti bakal tidur… tapi buat saat ini kayaknya ga mungkin, huahahaha!)   

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