02 Mar


Happy birthday Yusuf! I’m really sorry for not being with you on this happy day of yours. But I’m sure that Mom and Papa have already asked you to go out to somewhere this very moment.. Hehe just heard from Oki that Mom and Umi are going to take you to xx.. How’s your day? I really miss you dear..

Uhm.. ok let me tell you about my youngest sibling, Yusuf. Once Papin, my late grandpha told us that we would get a sibling who would born here in Indonesia (as all of us were born abroad). But then he past away, and the years came rolling by. Then four years ago, through caesar Mom gave birth to a baby boy which was sooo cute. We as the older siblings had agreed to give the name Yusuf to our new family member, although we haven’t got any idea whether the baby was going to be a boy or a girl. I didn’t know why as I was far from home at that moment, but my eldest sister state that she had a feeling that our new sibling is gonna be a boy.

Yup, he is the youngest at home and the only toddler.. but he nearly have the same ‘thinking’ like us. First, he loves chocolate. Then he loves books especially his comics Doraemon. Then he loves animals. And he loves to chat and fight with his male siblings, although we are much older than him (Oalah.. cup..cup!) He loves to listen and play with my notebook. Hehe.. and he loves any kind of automobiles especially the big and with the colour of either white or red. The weird thing about him is that, he is somewhat if I may say ‘addicted’ to the big tyres. I mean I don’t know, but he likes to examine and touch them like touching his pet. Yeah, he likes to observe many things which interested him.  Out of that, he is my smart lil’ bro.

I used to sing him lullaby when he was just a little baby. And he is my first student and love to listen to what I have instructed him to do. That’s why I’ve got so many coloured pictures which I draw myself for him. Haha.. then he would asked sooo many questions and asked to write down something on the white board. Ouw… I really miss him sooo much if I remember this.

Ok Yusuf, happy bilated birthday dear. May Allah bless you with a vast love, not only from us who loved you but also from everybody who you will meet in the future. Thank you Yusuf for cheering up the house, especially for Mom and Papa.

Miss you honey! From your loving sister..

evy (^_^) 

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