18 Feb

Oouh… so sleepy today as I hadn’t take a rest last night.. (zZz) Yeah, I have to finish my Advance Operational assignment and it took me a whole three days to finish them as well as the Strategic ones too (Hehe, like Baby Spice said, “What took you so long.. what took you all night… huahahaha :P) Thank God, one by one has rolled down, and am a bit happy about it as now I only have got three assignments and papers left (Horrey). Hiks..hiks, I really miss my pillow and now I have to some how.. hide them again as usual.. ugh, we’ve got six days left to go and then.. BOOM.. mid examination again. I think now all of thesubjects are going to be ‘closed book’ (Oh my God, it means that I have six main books to keep in mind.. OH NO!!)

Hmm.. maybe I just have to relax.. as what I’ve done in the last semester. So what.. with all those things!! Don’t I just have to understand them.. yeah.. that’s all! Hehe, sometime I got a bit silly with all this panic in the atmosphere..

PS : (Wow, got orchids Mom?! What’s the colour??)  

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