16 Jan

I was really confuse with some of my friends these several days. I mean, I really didn’t know what they were talking about or what they actually intend to say. OK, I’m not an occult or something like that who can read everybody’s mind. To them who still didn’t get what I mean.. yeah this is me.. really having a hard time in understanding people. I’m still learning for it. Learning to become more mature.. as my close friends said, hehehe! So please, as you guys already know what kind of ‘creature’ is me.. yeah we can say that I’m a bit slow in understanding people.. so please again.. state clearly what you really wanna say, where’s the right and wrong, OK.. This will help me to understand you guys too. Please be honest to yourself and open, so that I can take a right decision to it. Thank you for understanding me, friends (^_^)

May Allah bless us all, Amien..

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