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25 Okt

Hi again! So sorry not to post anything since few centuries ago, hehe! Yeah, I have just finished my mid term exam 45 minutes ago, huahaha (^0^). I couldn’t say that I had all the questions done correctly, but at least I was satisfied with all my answers. Got a bit shock with those questions actually coz this was my first time doing test in my magister. But what can I conclude about them was… Why there were so many open books?! Gosh! But that’s OK. I really done what my lil bro Muhammad suggested. Don’t Study To Hard! God doesn’t ask us to study until we broke down! Just take it easy and enjoy. All you need to find is the essence of what and why we are studying them itself.

Wow.. Mamad! You are sometimes a bit wiser than me, hehe! But for me, you are still my lil cute bro. Hey, Ucup really miss you very much! Hi Ucup! I miss you too, chubby!! Semoga sukses dengan cita-citamu ya Mad (^_^). Yeah,  I learn a lot of things lately. Most of them are phylosophy. Hmm.. the most important thing is that you understand the key points of what you are studying. Not to memorize but to understand them. Memang aku agak bolotnya di understanding, coz I’m such a slow learner. But that’s nevermind… as long as I can enjoy learning them, all the difficulties don’t matter. I just need a good teacher which also can make me laugh! Is there anyone wants to teach me? Hahahaha… but hiks hiks, I’ve still got lots of assignment to do 😦

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