Hey Cow! You Are Under Arrest!

10 Okt

Haha.. Was there a mistake with the title? No no.. absolutely not. But it’s real and this news was from Kamboja, if I’m not mistaken… It was about a cow which was arrested because of it has already killed 5 or 6 people. Actually it was not the cow who killed them, but it was because of the accident made by the creature. They were told that the cow snobbishly stood alone in the middle of a road in Kamboja, which by that made one motorcycle rider killed because of the collision with it.  Surprisely, the cow was not seriously injured. On the other occasion, the cow again standing alone in the middle of the night, and made a serious truck-crash, where 4-5 people were killed because of it (I couldn’t help imagining it.. Why did the cow have to do that??). And so the story ended with the cow being arrested  by the police, as well as it’s owner who was being careless with his ‘only pet’…hahaha!

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