A Discourse To Remember

21 Sep

Hmm…a bit similar to a name of a movie, right?! Quite…but not really….A Walk To Remember…By who, I don’t quite remember too. But surely, I’m not going to tell you about them.’s only about an occasion I attended last night. You know, there usually a religious discourse after conducting Tarawaih. And fortunately the discourse last night was given by a Sheikh….mmm a bit forgot about his name, but he was once the Great Imam of Masjidil Aqsa, and the former Chancellor of The Gaza University in Palaestine.  He is as old as my grandpa (if he still alived..). The touching thing about him last night was when he told us, the audience at the mosque, about a story of a mother in Palestine who on one day prepared meal for the breakfast of her family. She has a few toddlers with her, and on that day she put three chairs near the door. The little boy asked her, why she had to put out the extra chairs there? And the good mother replied, “Dear, this first chair is for your eldest brother who was deadly shot a few months ago. This second one, is for your big brother who are currently in the jail. And the last one, dear… (sigh) is for your elder brother who are now fighting for our rights. Remember, they are always in our heart and do pray for them before you eat and sleep, dear. Hiks, hiks…and the little boy then keep praying for his siblings’ safety every night and day… A very touchy story for me, hiks..hiks..  

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