A Tale of a Robinson Crusoe ??

06 Sep

Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, lived a girl who learn about the world from bedtime stories and books. She was very curious about everything around her, especially stories that she heard from her parents about a very unique country. At last, she made up her mind to visit this certain place by her own one day, to check the truth whether it was as real as those written in her History Textbook.

Abrakadabra! And now she’s there, deserted in the place where she often dream of. Not actually deserted like the one written in Robinson Crusoe, as she really mean to go there. But she found out that not more than half of them were not as real as what she have read or heard. Quite a pity!

But it was not a big matter for her (she is a true traveller – is it make sense??), as she realized that now everything could change even in a second. She made up her mind to ‘survive’ there, and try to build her life as happy and cheerful as she could make at her home-sweet-home. Ouw…she is really in a home-sick mode now… haha, especially for her Mom’s cooking. (Sigh…)

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