ULTRA : Human After All

05 Sep

Is it any wonder now

The stars around me

Are not the brightest of them all

From standing proud

To falling like the domino down

And out somehow

All that I remember now about being by your side

Is having just the most amazing time

But nothing lasts forever

We’re just human after all


I feel stronger now but it’s not easy

To feel the pride after the fall

Feeling like I’ve gotta go

So it’s looking like I’ve never know why

You left at all

It’ll hit you with a power

At anytime at any hour

But we can learn to make it if we all stand tall

It doesn’t have to matter

We’re just human after all.


I work it out

And I feel somehow that you

Were bringing out the best in me

So why do I feel down when changes always do you good

Am I feeling like I should?

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Ditulis oleh pada September 5, 2007 in A page of my music


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