18 Agu

krandangan-beach.jpgWhew!! Although today was so hot, and I was wet all over with sand and salt water (somehow it made me a kind of stink, yucks!!), but for overall today was awesome. Hehe, I’ve just got home from the beach with a party of my friends. As we’ve planned before, we agreed to meet at Kerandangan beach near Senggigi (why do we have to meet there?). Yeah, this was a kind of an outbound event, hmm… just to fill out the three-day holiday, as well as celebrating our Independence Day, huehehe. Oh yeah, I met Marco and Fabio this afternoon, but unfortunately it appeared that they only to stay here until the day after tomorrow. Gosh, why do they have to go back to Italy so soon? I also met Big B, mbak Yuli and little Vania which is getting more chubby since I last met her 8 months ago (ouw…the baby was sooooo cute!) The surprise thing about her just now was…she loved hearing Eminem (Oh my God!! You’re still 10 months old, Vania…)

By the way, there was a strange thing happened today. I decided not to use the bike this morning, so Pa drove me to the meeting place. But when he stopped to fill out the petrol, he couldn’t open it with the key. Hahaha…he misplaced the car’s key with my bike’s. And after all this morning, he didn’t realize that he used the bike’s instead of the car’s, AND the car still run with it, Masya Allah !! HUAHAHA!!

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