16 Agu

Haha… it is not about the history of our country’s independence struggle against the outsider but it is about a chubby hen called Billina. That’s what my brother called her. Actually she is the third or the fourth successor of the name (if I’m not mistaken as there were a few of such hens before her who were already rest in piece – hehe sorry!). Mom has just freed her from her cage (my sibling called it as a kind of amnesty to celebrate our Independence Day, hehe!) as she thought it might be good for her health. Yeah… quite weird but she is the pet of my three-year-old brother, Yusuf. Very tame and so fat, and likes to be touch by him. She loves to follow him around. He taught her many crazy things such as jumping, running after her, or even chasing the cats, huahaha! Whoa… the cats in the neighborhood really scared of her, or maybe vise versa. Only one or two are friends of her (maybe… as I often saw them watching each other silently….) And now she is happily pecking around and then sleeping on the mango tree (yeah, actually she is not caged but mom was a bit upset about her lately as she often damaging the flower beds, and kicking down the pots. Very naughty indeed, hehe!

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