23 Jun

Busy? Don’t ask! These coming weeks are going to be a busy week for certain people. Hehe… we’re in the midst of final term examination. For me, it’ll gonna be fun though I’ve gone through a hectic time for several days. Preparing questions and everything. A bit exhausted actually but I really enjoy it.

OK, through this column, I just wanna apologize (again…) to some of my friends for sending too many messages lately, whether through emails or using short message service (Hehe, I know you guys do not have enough spare time to read this, so don’t force yourself to respond). Gee, thanks a million for being my trash bin. I’m a good listener (a kind of trash bin too, to some of my friends, hehe), but often I think I need to vacuum my little brain and dump the scattered unworthy pieces of routine problems too. Sometimes, we do need one very much. A good tough one for me (Apalagi aku jenis orang yang selalu pengen tahu but also such a slow learner too, haha! – ga nyambung…). Yeah, I’m such a chatter box if I’m in the mood, sorry… Talking about mood, teaching and lectures really could make someone upside down. I’ve been ‘terrorizing’ many people even my former lecturers recently, just to ask their advice in how to make lectures an enjoy thing to hear. Sorry sir for disturbing you… The problem is, I just feel that what I gave in speech maybe sound a bit childish. Hehe… maklum lagi masa pertumbuhan (WHAT!! Ga masuk akal tau!) … I wonder how actually do we speak something in a mature-like manner (Makanya gue nge-fans ama Bapak Effendi Ghazali, dia khan pakar ilmu komunikasi, right!! hehe…) Like the grown up! Are we grown ups? Unfortunately, I never feel so. (Why??) But is that a problem if we are an educator? Some may say that’s a problem. But in my opinion, as long as you have a mature in mindset, that doesn’t matter… Any idea?

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