23 Jun

Hehe.. aku lagi kena batunya. Once upon a time…I’ve stated that lecturers of Microeconomics were boring (Sorry, I’m not judging people). Huhu… now I’ve got the task to assist Macro and Micro class (Gotcha!!). Hiks… when I was still a student, I had to learn really hard just to understand a chapter. To me at that time, the lecturers seem to just murmur and I couldn’t understand a bit. Yeah, I’m not a fast learner. The result was, I always sleepy in that class. Now I’ve got the same situation but in a different position. I don’t wanna be like my old lecturer. There’re many curves and complicated graphics, and I just want to present them in an easier way. Just like me, a dumb student who couldn’t understand a couple of years ago. But that means, I have to use informal language. I want them to understand, not just to memorize it. But how? My elder sister said, never give spoon-feeding, let them try to comprehend them in their own way. Hmm… if I feedback again, I really sound like mothers… as well as … babies (Huahaha!!).

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