Hello world!

21 Jun



Knock..Knock!! Anybody there? Hehe..actually there’s no one here..(and I knew it already). Today is the 21st of June, 2007 and this is my first page being a ‘ghostwriter’. I like to call it that way as I really wanna know how people judge me without knowing my background and who am I. As a matter of fact, I’m just an ordinary citizen. There’s no extraordinary thing about me…just…just….(JUST WHAT!!). People use to call me Sofie or Evy (this is my childish name, hehe…). I love travelling, so much in love that I can’t stand living in a place for a very long time (except my dear home, of course). Yeah, I’ve been traveling ever since I was a baby, and that started in Cairo, the City of Archaeology (and that’s too that made me a kind of old-fashioned, ughh!!) 

OK, enough of blabbing around….our today’s headline is :Gee, I really wanted to apologize for the problem I made the other day. I wasn’t really doing what I said. Hehe… it was just a bluff. But my gum ache again and it was really painful. Thanks to a friend who had told me those medicines a couple of months ago (But the bad news was that I forgot their names, ughh!!). My gum is not swollen again.  I couldn’t find those medicines at the drug store. Something started with P or I. ‘Pons…’ what ( disconnected again…). I just remember that the ‘P’ was something similar to the name of a non-organic fertilizer.. Yeah…we sometimes cultivated tobaccos here. That’s why…But that was all over. My gum ache really taught me something (Wow, God always has His way in teaching me something!) Beside those damn new teeth (Sorry, I don’t mean to…), DON’T EVER READ WHILE YOU EAT!! Yeah I know, that’s very impolite. But it happened that I hadn’t read my notes and was really in such a hurry. Briefly, I grinded ‘a stone’ (mata gue dimana??!!), and nearly broke my molar (OUCHH!! HUAAAA…). Then I couldn’t sleep. First, because I was really hungry, and then it kept me awake. Yeah… it gave me time to think.. Many things, including that incident. Yeah…Its all my fault, and … and ….it was just a little thing compared to other people’s problem…..Hiks…Mum told me to use the salt. Oouuww….!! Then came a phone call that said that the farmer who took care of the cows had just died. Hiks… he’s an honest old man and hardworking too. He died in his sleep. Usually his wife sleeps with her grandchildren, but at that night the farmer asked her to sleep with him. And she never knew that her husband past away beside her. Hiks….he past away in peace. Sounded like folks tales, but it was true…. You know, we seldom found such character in people nowadays. Although they have no money, but they really thankful and took good care of things that are in charge to them. The same question as a friend of mine state the other day,.. Why God take them so soon? (Actually we have no right to ask such a question…that’s my opinion). My good friend died because of brain cancer, and some of my relatives died because of breast cancer. Some of them were very young, including my friend. He was not popular not even rich but he was really a good friend. Yeah, like the old men said, “True friends are like diamonds, Precious but rare;False friends are like leaves, scattered everywhere”.

So precious that God decided to take him…he never told me about his headache. (And me, getting mad with just a gum ache…oh God what have I done?!) 

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